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Kitchen Coffee Station Design Tips

Thanks to advancements in kitchen technology, brewing a quality cup of coffee from your home is easier than ever before. Most home kitchens can produce coffee creations that rival even the trendiest coffeehouses on the market. Of course, all of these innovations need a proper space in your kitchen, which is where a coffee station will come in handy.

Kitchens that offer a dedicated for your caffeine routine make mornings more efficient and kitchens less cluttered. Andre Kitchen and Bath has five kitchen renovation ideas for your coffee corner that will help to ensure that your day always starts off with an energetic edge.

Open Shelved Traditional Aesthetic

Open styles not only work for entire rooms, but they also work well for coffee stations. Create an open shelving unit for your coffee maker and fixings to make your mornings more efficient. It is easy to see when you are running low, and it also creates a sense of endless options when crafting your morning brew. Consider placing your coffee station near a window and adding in a couple of chairs for a less intrusive renovation.

Coffee Under Your Stairs

If you have stairs in your kitchen or leading to your kitchen, you can transform the space under them into a coffee nook. Not only will you utilize otherwise ignored space, but you will add unique character to your kitchen. You can add a small sink and a hot water tap for tea if you have the extra space and don’t mind a bit of plumbing work. With a sink right there, you’ll never have to go far to refill your coffee maker.

Coffee Maker Installed in the Cabinets

One way to streamline your coffee ritual is by having a coffee maker built into your existing counter space. Your storage can be placed in the above cabinets, and the coffee maker can actually be placed inside the cabinetry. The counter space is just enough to make your cup of Joe as you head out of the door. Consider pairing light-colored walls with brown wood to make the space feel welcoming and warm.

Use Pocket Doors

If you have pocket doors in your cabinets, which are cabinets with doors that retract into the cabinet space, it is easy to create a beautiful and unique coffee station. Adding a marble colored backsplash that matches the countertops will bring the look together. You can store spices, containers, and other coffee fixings in the drawers below, making it the perfect hidden coffee station for your kitchen.

Keep it Minimal

Sometimes less is more, especially when you have a lot of moving parts. Creating a station out of dark wood with the coffee maker built into the cabinetry will cut your clutter in half. Make storage shelves and cabinets on top to house your glassware, mugs, and other items. A stainless steel preparation area makes cleaning up counters quick and easy.

How We Can Help

If you are looking for innovative ideas to transform your kitchen coffee space into a morning oasis, Andre Kitchen and Bath is here to help. Our experts are always happy to give suggestions or help you bring your ideas to life. Give us a call at (416) 562-1068 to find out more about our rates and services.

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