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Why Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom at the Same Same Time

Renovating any area in your home can seem daunting. Trying to take on two areas at once can seem like insanity! Although there are challenges, the benefits of renovating two areas at once are worth the extra effort. Not only will you save time, but you can also reduce your total cost by combining the projects. Andre Kitchen and Bath has highlighted all the reasons a simultaneous bathroom and kitchen renovation is worth it below.

Cut Cost in Half

Renovations are generally costly and when you split up your projects the cost of materials can increase. Many contractors will also charge more for smaller jobs than they do for larger or more complex projects. Working on two or three areas in your home at once will reduce the cost of materials and labour over the course of the project. When you combine similar areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, you can save fixtures, cabinets, tiles, and counters when you use the same materials.

Cut Time in Half

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most used areas in a home. These essential areas add value to your life and once you renovate they will increase the value of your property. Upgrading both at the same time is complex, but if you plan to do them both eventually then completing the work at the same time is cost-effective.

Make sure that you choose a contractor that is able to work in both areas at once. If you cannot at least find two willing contractors to work in each area simultaneously. Working with a single company that can handle both tasks will reduce your overall costs and will save you time.

For example, the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom can be built and installed at once. The same goes for painting, tiles and plumbing work. When your work is streamlined, it prevents delays, headaches and material costs.

Be Simple

The more complexities you add to a project, the harder it will be to finish and the longer it will take. A double renovation is already challenging so why not make things easier by keeping your designs simple and your demands to a minimum.

Cohesive Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

Though you may be upgrading your bathroom and your kitchen at the same time, it is important to give them unique yet cohesive designs. Picking elements that can be shared between both rooms will make them cohesive while still uniquely arranging features to make each room carry its own flavour. One way to make sure your designs are on track is to create a mood board with the help of an interior designer prior to starting your project.

Synergy with Two Renovation Projects

The cost of labor is one of the biggest when it comes to renovating your home. Combining projects helps to reduce the costs as there is less time for a contractor to invest in the project. Think about the demolition phase, completing both rooms at once means you only have to rent a dumpster once. The same goes for every step of the process. Instead of having to hire a plumber to two or three separate occasions per room, combining the project means you can get each step completed at once.

Choose Your Contractor Wisely

It is important that you hire a company or contractor that can complete both your kitchen and bathroom renovation properly. Look at reviews from other property owners and also check out their feedback online. Here at Andre Kitchen and Bath, we offer a full range of construction and renovation services. To find out more about our rates and services, give us a call at (416) 562-1068.

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