traditional classic kitchen design


Traditional Kitchen Designs have a high number of cabinets and compartments. This beautiful style also includes ornate crown moldings, raised cabinet fronts, decorative trims, handles, and hinges. You may also wish to add on glass doors with interior lighting to display chinaware or other decorative items.


Many Traditional Kitchen Designs include a large center island. With cabinets on one side and seating (stools) on the other, it can serve as an additional workspace, as well as a bar.


Traditional Kitchen Deigns are most often known for having large features with stoves containing six to eight burners and large hoods camouflaged by ornate fronts that match the rest of the cabinetry. The oven is normally built into the wall or part of the stove and long countertops are usually made of natural materials such as granite.


Fluorescent lighting is usually used rather than decorative lighting. Backsplashes are made of a textured natural material such as stone or brick, painted to match the cabinets or walls. Shelving, kitchen curios, and spice racks are frequently included in this design. We recommend decorating with bright and colourful accessories and appliances!