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8 Tips For Your Modern Kitchen

Are you thinking of updating your kitchen to make it look more contemporary? Then you are in the right place. Andre Kitchen and Bath has a wide assortment of kitchen design ideas, tricks, and renovation tips to get your creative juices flowing. From minimalist cabinet designs and trendy decor elements, to clean lines and accent colors, contemporary kitchens work for any size home or condo.

Use Mixed Materials

In the past, white lacquered cabinets were the trendiest, but today you can use high-quality materials in a variety of finishes to capture the modern feel. It is more about style rather than materials when it comes to contemporary designs. Skip the detailed molding or extravagant trim and opt for a simple style instead. Think clean and simple when choosing your design elements. Marble is a great material for your contemporary kitchen that will give it a sleek, yet refined look.

Use Room Dividers

If you have an open concept home, then you can use creative dividers to break up the space and reduce noise. Black metal dividers or frosted glass follow a contemporary theme while allowing you to maintain a segmented area.

Make Use of Closed Storage

In modern kitchens, a focus on storage is a must. You can creatively add storage space to your kitchen in a way that is efficient yet trendy. Consider adding a floor to ceiling cabinet to get the most out of your space. Cabinets that hide appliances are another way to maintain clean lines and keep your design in line with the modern aesthetic. Think about how you will use your kitchen, what type of storage you need, and how it can all work in a cohesive, functional manner before you start your renovations.

Cozy Neutral Tones

When you think of a modern kitchen you probably jump to an all white kitchen, but don’t be fooled by this thought because you can make the style your own by adding in some warmer tones that will add a natural flair. Off-white and beige can also make smaller areas look larger and more welcoming.

Highlight Architectural Details

While modern kitchens are generally simple, that does not mean they have a cold, minimal design. You can highlight certain details in your home’s architecture to provide focus. Wooden floors, exposed beams, and other vintage elements will create a unique contrast that brings life into your home. Instead of picking glossy finishes, choose muted and warm colors with a matte finish.

Build an Island

An island in the kitchen is a great way to create a functional central point. You can use it for food prep, snacks, kids craft time and more. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may decide to build an island that has a sink, dishwasher, and a stovetop.

Modern Combo Styles

Modern kitchens can easily hold an eclectic style, so mixing a rustic-looking kitchen with a traditional contemporary design is certainly possible. Choose one style as your theme and then incorporate elements of your secondary style to suit your taste!

Think About Lighting

Contemporary kitchens work well with suspended lighting, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, architectural lighting, and track lighting. They all serve a specific purpose in your kitchen and can work with your other design choices to create the perfect modern contemporary ambiance in your kitchen.

How Andre Kitchen and Bath Can Help Design Your Dreams

If you are looking to transform your kitchen into a modern marvel, our design specialists are here to help. We will work with you to make the most of your current space, create a customized design plan, and draft a budget for your project that meets your approval. Give us a call at (416) 562-1068 to talk about your Richmond Hill kitchen renovation today.

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