modern bathroom vanitiesWith the wide variety of choices provided in tiles, sinks, cabinetry, and fixtures, we make it easy for you to replace your outdated bathroom and rundown vanity with a design that is totally customized to fit your remodeling needs at an affordable cost.

Styles and Features

Vanity styles include traditional, transitional, and modern designs. Various sink materials are available, such as easy to care for options like granite, marble, and quartz, or other materials like porcelain or glass. For larger bathrooms, we offer “his and hers” sinks as well as long, ornate mirrors.

Upper Units

Upper units are installed and mounted on the wall above the vanity and include shelves, cupboards, and mirrors of numerous styles and designs.

Full Bathroom Renovation

Andre Kitchen and Bath offers total bathroom renovations in Richmond Hill, Toronto and GTA; tile, bathtub, shower head, and toilet replacements. We install bathtubs of all shapes and sizes including alcove, free-standing, corner, drop-in, and hot tubs. Shower head style options include hand-held, wall mounted, body spray, and rainfall.

Why Get a Custom Bathroom Vanity?

Not only it can make your bathroom look more visually appealing, but it can also be the perfect storage space. If you choose the right vanity, it can be a great elegant addition. Depending on your bathroom aesthetic you can make your vanity the perfect match. There are an abundance of options to choose from, so it is easy to get exactly what you want.


What materials do you use for vanitie’s top?

  • We use a variety of different materials for your vanity top, which includes: Marble, Quartz Stone, Porcelain, and Granite.

How do I know which vanity top is best for me?

  • If you are looking for something that is easy to clean, then Porcelain is perfect for you. However, it is important to note that it is more fragile. Polymarble is stronger, but you need to be careful because it cannot be cleaned with abrasive products. Granite is great if you are looking for something that doesn’t require much maintenance, and it is a nonuniform colour. Quartz requires less maintenance as well, but it offers a uniform colour. Finally, Marble is one of the most popular options for vanity tops. This is because not only it needs less maintenance, but also offers a timeless colour.

How do I clean the vanity after renovation?

  • It is best to clean it with soap and water. We suggest avoiding any harsh products, or anything that contains bleaching properties.

Do our vanity tops come in different colours?

  • Yes, we pride ourselves on offering our clients choice, so we offer a variety of different colours for you to choose from.

Will moisture from the bath affect the vanity at all?

  • The sealer we use is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any damage occurring.

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