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Small Kitchen Renovation More Affordable

Kitchen renovations can get very costly pretty quickly, but with creative design ideas and a cost estimate, you can control your expenditures. After completing an estimate, you may decide that a full kitchen remodel is out of your budget, if that is the case, choose the areas that are most important to upgrade. If you have a small kitchen and are in need of budget renovation ideas, Andre Kitchen and Bath has some tips to help.

Cutting Cost on Renovations for a Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen space, such as those located in a condo, it is important to plan your renovation carefully. Space limitations can affect the choice of appliances you go for and even the number of cabinets you choose to keep. Most small kitchen renovation projects will range between $4,500 and $18,000 depending on what you plan to have changed.

But not to worry because we have some good news! When working with a reliable renovation company such as Andre Kitchen and Bath, our team can help you make the best decisions that are the most cost-efficient for you. Barring any serious changes to the structure in your kitchen space, a few of our suggestions can help transform your kitchen while still keeping you within your budget.

Choose Space-Saving Appliances

When you are faced with outfitting a smaller kitchen, it is better to choose smaller appliances to maximize your square footage. Look for combo units, compact ovens, refrigerators, and perhaps skip the dishwasher to help keep your kitchen from feeling cramped. In addition to making the most of your space, you will save on cost when you buy smaller appliances.

Boost Your Storage Space

Storage space is always an issue with a smaller kitchen. The layout plays a big role in how and where items will be stored. But with creative renovation choices, you can maximize your storage options. Consider installing roll-out trays, pull-out shelves, lazy Susan’s and tiered racks to get the storage you need without sacrificing additional space.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing eco-friendly options such as LED lighting or energy-saving windows and appliances will help cut costs over the long run. While the upfront cost is higher, your energy bills will be lower over time.

Creative Counters

Counters are the most premium types of space in any kitchen. For smaller kitchens that are in need of extra counter space, consider adding pull-out countertops. These extensions can flip out or slide out to give you the workspace you need in your kitchen without making the area feel cramped.

Open Concept

An open concept kitchen is another way condos and small homes can make the most of small spaces. Opening up the area by knocking down a wall will make the kitchen and the living room both appear larger than they actually are. Just make sure that your building codes allow for an open concept kitchen before breaking down the dividing wall.

How Andre Kitchen and Bath Can Help

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Your Richmond Hill kitchen renovation should reflect your personality and meet the needs of your family. For help with design ideas or to get a no-obligation quote for our services, give Andre Kitchen and Bath a call at (416) 562-1068.

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