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Mistakes Avoid Bathroom Renovation Richmond Hill

It takes a good amount of money to implement a successful bathroom renovation, so you want to be sure that you are using that money properly, and putting it into things that are important. If you’re not sure about what mistakes to avoid during a renovation, we here at Andre Kitchen and Bath can help highlight these possible obstacles. 

Moving Fixtures Around 

We understand that you may want to shift appliances around in order to make your bathroom look its absolute best. Since this messes with the plumbing, however, it is important to know that this type of thing will cost lots of money. If you don’t have the budget to be moving things around, find ways to improve the look of your bathroom without doing so.  

No Plan = A Messy Execution! 

This one may seem obvious, but when you lack a plan to implement for a bathroom reno and try to wing this kind of process, you are putting yourself at huge risk for failure. If you believe that you cannot do this project on your own, and need assistance of any kind, get help from a professional contractor such as one from Andre Kitchen and Bath.  

Putting Appearance First & Functionality Second 

You want to make your bathroom look beautiful and stylish, and we totally understand that. This factor should never go above functionality though. Would you rather have a bathroom that looks nice or a bathroom that works properly? Most, if not everyone would choose the latter, so be sure that you put functionality above everything else! Make sure that every appliance and lighting fixture works effectively, not just for your convenience, but to add to the overall style of your space as well. 

Not Having Additional Money Put Aside 

Like any other project, a renovation is complicated and full of detail. Even after preparing for anything and everything, there’s a good chance you could come across a small hitch in the road that needs fixing. When you put money aside for these possible risks, you are placing yourself at a much better advantage to get your renovation done properly and efficiently.  

Using The Wrong Materials 

This can be an easy mistake to make, as one can get carried away with plans of the design. Renovating a bathroom requires different materials than any other type of renovation project, since it is often being clouded with condensation and soap. Make sure that you select highly durable, water resistant materials for your bathroom. This ensures that your bathroom’s materials will stay strong for many years to come. 

How We Can Help 

Are you interested in getting a bathroom renovation done, and are looking for highly qualified professionals to do the job? If so, you have come to the right place because we here at Andre Kitchen and Bath can help! Our team has years of experience, and can help implement some of the most effective renovation strategies out there, so your space can stand out and look it’s best. To find out more about our Richmond Hill Bathroom Renovation services, be sure to call us at (416)-562-1068 today! 


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